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We will be limiting the mint to 10 Monks per transaction. However, you can return to the mint section as many times as you want.

Current Price: 1.5 SOL

The Roadmap

The Awk Monk Team's Roadmap lays out our current and future plans. We have a strategy, and we are focused on the present while looking forward towards the future with both awkward eyes wide open. Our Roadmap lays out our strategy to add community and value to our Awkward Monkey NFT Project. Monkey Movies, Merch, Metaverse & Beyond.

Phase 1

  • Awk Monks Ready to Mint
  • Initial V1 Website Launch
  • Team Growth (Marketing, Development, Video)
  • First Verified Listing
  • All Genesis Awk Monks Minted

Phase 2

  • Additional Verified Listings
  • V2 New Website Launch
  • Monthly AMAs (Ask Me Anything)
  • Name that Monkey Contest
  • Monthly NFT Monkey Movement Reports

Phase 3

  • Monkey Merch
  • Full NFT Mint
  • Access to Verified Lounge
  • End of NFT Sale Raffle
  • Donation to Monkey Charity

Phase 4

  • The AwkMonkeyverse
  • NFT Collaboration with Related Projects
  • Immersive Gallery Invite
  • Whitelist Access to Next NFT Project
  • Monkey Short Film Staring Your Monkey!