Part I

What is an NFT Monkey?

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The Year of the NFT Monkey

If you have been anywhere near the internet or have watched the news in the past few months, you no doubt have heard about Monkey NFTs.  2022 is the year of the Tiger, but it may also very well be the year of the NFT Monkey.  To understand the Monkey NFT phenomenon, we will start with the basics.  An NFT is a digital asset that is easily transferrable.  The ownership of an NFT is verifiable, and sales and transfers are easy.  The technology is changing the way we think of art and value.  

Some of the most lucrative NFT purchases have come from the Monkey NFT marketplace.  NFT Monkey Art is really cool.  Celebrities and sports star are collecting Monkey NFT art.  They’re using it in their profile pictures.  Some NFT Monkey owners are creating their own clothes.  Others are making their own restaurants.  Let’s take a closer look at the NFT Monkey Space.

NFT Monkeys

Why are NFT Monkeys in such high demand?   The Bored Ape Yacht Club and other NFT projects have exploded in popularity.  Bored Ape NFTs cost $270.00 to mint in April of 2021.  As of April 2022, it cost over $400,000.00 to buy one Bored Ape NFT.  Monkey NFTs continue to gain in popularity and in community.  There are many factors causing a boom in NFT sales.  Cryptocurrency has become more mainstream.  Since 2012, Bitcoin has gained more in popularity and use.  Ethereum and Solana have added to the NFT boom.

More than Just Cool NFT Monkey Art

NFT Monkey Art is more than just cool art.  NFTs have utility and benefit that goes beyond the cool art.  In fact, it is often the case that the Monkey NFTs are more like tickets than art.  The NFT owners may get access to valuable content and to valuable information.    This information may be about future NFT projects or a new cryptocurrency.  NFT owners may also be given access to physical world events, such as clubs or concerts.  

To own an NFT Monkey is to also own the utility and the benefit that goes along with it.   NFTs are changing the world.  They are changing the way we think about value.  NFTs are also changing the way people “contain” value. Indeed, because of the creation of NFTs, digital assets are now easily transferrable from one party to the next.  This is revolutionary.  

Value Containers that are Easily Transferrable

Indeed, an NFT Monkey and other non-fungible tokens found in the NFT Community are changing the way people think about value.  Monkey NFTs are great instruments for containing value.   Storing value in a way that your grandfather never could have imagined.  NFTs also make it very easy to transfer value from one person to another.   Indeed, because of the blockchain technology, the transfer of NFTs is secure and encrypted.  

An individual can have 10 NFT Monkeys all ranging in value from $100.00 to $10,000.00.  The NFT owner can spread these NFT assets into different cryptocurrency wallets.  The owner can stake some of these NFTs to obtain interest.  She may then store these NFTs in autonomous and secured wallets.  Those wallets can be spread throughout the internet.  Wallets can be accessed from anywhere and at any time.  

Technology Matters

The technology that is at the heart of non-fungible tokens is ground-breaking.  The blockchain technology allows for digital assets to be immutable, encrypted and easily transferrable.  One person can send an NFT to another person.  There is no need for a bank.  An art gallery is not needed.  Further, because of the encrypting technology, the transfer of the NFT is fast and secure.  

All NFTs are built with this same technology.  This makes NFT Art encrypted, immutable and secured.  However, there is some NFT art that is much more valuable than others, as the technology is just one factor in the value of NFTs.  The NFT project’s artwork, utility, and brand are other important factors.  As we have seen in the NFT market, some NFTs with no utility, are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

One of the other factors is the art itself.  Some of the NFT art is really cool.  Anything that can be made digital can be made into NFT art.

The NFT Monkey Brand

There is a word in business that is not used often enough.  In many respects, it is the most important word in the Monkey NFT, NFT monkey, and NFT game.  That word is:  BRAND.  Brand is defined by Investopedia as: 

“The term brand refers to a business and marketing concept that helps people identify a particular company, product, or individual.  Brands are intangible, which means you cannot actually touch or see them.”  

A solid brand is important in business.  Brand is also very important in the NFT Monkey business.  Indeed, it is fair to say that the brand in the Monkey NFT, NFT Monkeys, and NFT business, is more important than is some other businesses.  The NFT Monkey business is more analogous to fashion and clothing lines than it is to traditional art galleries or large art houses, such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s. 

NFT Monkey Art and Branding

Here, we look at why brand is so important in the NFT Monkey business, and what interested consumers should look for.  (Remember, this association not only comes with the benefits of having the status of owning a particular NFT Monkey, it also comes with the appreciation of the asset – this is monkey business, and it is amazing.)  

NFT Monkey and Monkey NFT and brands have added enormous growth and value to the entire NFT community.   Blockchain technology add value to NFTs, but it is also basic business principles that make NFTs so valuable. These principles such as supply, demand, and brand management are adding extreme value to Monkey NFT, the NFT Monkey, and NFT business. 

It is the Brand That Matters

As we have discussed, the technology is the foundation of the Monkey NFTs, but it is not just the technology that makes the NFT Monkeys so valuable or sought after, as compared to other NFTs with the same technology.  Simply put, some NFT projects do not have the same allure as some of the Monkey NFT projects that have taken the NFT community by storm. 

In part, the explosion in the Monkey NFT marketplace is because the branding of the NFT Monkeys has been so on point.  It is not just the blockchain technology that has added this amount of value to NFTs.  

Due Your Own Due Diligence

In choosing an NFT, a consumer should choose a brand that has established itself within the NFT Community.  An NFT Monkey Project that has committed itself to longevity and to building a brand.  Also, NFT projects should have a roadmap to that guides the way to success.  The NFT Monkeys are the cornerstone of a flourishing NFT marketplace, and it still is not too late to enter into the NFT community.   As we start to understand what an NFT Monkey is and what an NFT Monkey is not, we must now consider what a non-fungible token is.

Part II

NFTs are Non-Fungible Tokens: They’re Real and They’re Spectacular

What is an NFT?

NFTs have been everywhere in the past year.  But what is an NFT?  And why do we care?  That is an excellent question.  First, an NFT is an acronym, and it stands for Non-Fungible Token. In order to understand what an NFT is – we must first understand what this term non-fungible means.  A non-fungible token, as defined by Merriam Dictionary, is: 

a unique digital identifier that cannot be copied, substituted, or subdivided, that is recorded in a blockchain, and that is used to certify authenticity and ownership (as to a specific digital asset and specific rights relating to it). 

At its core, an NFT, is simply a unique piece of code – “a unique digital identifier” – that refers to a picture, a video or some other form of digital media.   This code verifies the ownership in the underlying digital asset.  Blockchain technology allows for the code underpinning NFTs to be encrypted.  Meaning, no one can every hack or change the code. Ownership of an NFT is never at issue.  

NFT Monkeys:  Unique, One-of-a-Kind Digital Assets

An item that is non-fungible is unique and one-of-a-kind.  Unlike an item that is fungible and easily replicated.  Fungible items are equal value to all their counterparts. Bitcoin is fungible.  The United States Dollar Bill is fungible. For example, 1 Bitcoin is not worth any more in value than 1 other Bitcoin. Even though they may have been “minted” or created at different times, might have different & unique identifiers.  Nonetheless, because Bitcoin is fungible, there is no difference in value from 1 BTC to 1 BTC. They are both equal to 1 BTC. Any other characteristic is irrelevant to the value of the BTC.  NFTs are not all of equal value.  Each NFT is non-fungible and unique.  Serial numbers and other identifying traits do matter to NFTs and other non-fungible items.  

NFT Monkeys and Non-Fungibility

An NFT is non-fungible. This means that each NFT is unique and one-of-a-kind.    The ability to hold something – in this instance – an NFT Monkey – that is one of its kind – this is where a big portion of the value of NFT.  It is a one-of-a-kind piece of code that refers to a piece of digital media.  NFTs have a “unique” piece of code that is one of a kind and can never be replicated or hacked.  

But the NFT Monkeys are so much more than a piece of unique code.  NFT Monkeys allow the holder of the NFT access to value.  The NFT holder will also have access to utility that goes beyond the pictures, videos, or other digitized medium that has been transformed into an NFT. 



NFTs are the future of everything.

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Part III

The Benefits of Owning a Monkey NFT

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NFT Monkeys Provide Benefits to their Owners

NFTs are much more than just pretty pictures to look at.  In fact, a Monkey NFT will often have utility.  What does this word “utility” mean in the context of NFTs generally?  This is a great question.  In fact, the word “utility” is a huge word in the NFT space. 

Utility is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as: “the state of being useful, profitable, or beneficial.” 

This word matters in the NFT Monkey space.  Monkey NFTs and other non-fungible tokens are much more than screenshots of photos.  Non-fungible tokens often provide utility beyond the “pretty profile picture.” 

NFT Monkeys:  Creating Utility as We Go

As we will see below, NFT Monkey projects are utilizing the demand for NFT Monkey projects by creating more utility for the NFT Monkey holders.   An NFT Project may create a cryptocurrency that rewards the owners with tokens.  These coins can be used later on to purchase a future Monkey NFT, or to purchase items in the NFT metaverse.  

A Monkey NFT provides benefits to the owner that goes beyond a simple investment.  The utility that exists in so many of the NFT Monkey projects adds true value to the Monkey NFT.   Indeed, investors are always seeking investments that appreciate in value and are seeking growth industries.  Of course, an asset that appreciates in value – while having utility at the same exact time – are the sorts of assets that add true wealth to any investor’s portfolio.  As we dive deeper into what we mean when we use the word utility in the context of a Monkey NFT, an NFT Monkey, or other NFTs, we will soon realize that NFTs are more analogous to owning a blue-chip stock than to holding a traditional piece of art. 

Access to Information and Community   

In the last 10 years of the 20th Century and in the entirety of the 21st Century and beyond, there nothing more valuable than INFORMATION.  Of course, there are different levels of information.  Some information is public knowledge.  Everyone either has the information, or at the very least, has “access” to the information.  This would be considered the least valuable type of information.  However, as that “information” or “data” becomes more and more private, access to that information becomes more and more valuable.  

It is common in the NFT community to spread news on certain Discord servers.  However, in order to gain access to certain servers – servers that provide very detailed information from very specific individuals within the NFT Monkey community – an individual must verify that they are an owner of the Monkey NFT.  Once this access is verified – usually within seconds – the NFT owner has access to the information and data used by the “insiders” on the Discord server.  This is very valuable. 

We’re Talking About Information

Herein lies the beauty of the NFT generally, and more specifically, to the NFT Monkey holders.   The Monkey NFT Project that creates the NFTs can allow the holder of the Monkey NFTs to obtain access to a wide array of information and access to a deep network of like-minded NFT owners.  This access may be to special forums; to Discord servers; Telegram group chats; to special AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions with fellow owners and the creators of the Monkey NFT projects, and so much more.  

Due to the nature of NFT Projects, the ability for the creators of Monkey NFTs to allow for access to almost anything the NFT Monkey Project creators desire is almost unlimited.   For example, in New York City, a restaurant recently entered into the NFT sphere, by creating a non-fungible token for their restaurant.  The NFT provided the NFT owner access to the restaurant.  If you don’t own the NFT, you are not allowed into the restaurant.  Literally access to the dinner table.  

Physical World

The NFT community has also seen access limited to one specific physical world item.  It could access to one specific dish at a restaurant as opposed to entering the restaurant itself.  The ability to be creative here is endless for the Monkey NFT Project.  The term access in the NFT world is broad and ever-expanding.  In fact, we are now seeing Monkey NFTs basically used as tickets, allowing the “ticket holder” access to all sorts of events – both in the physical world and the metaverse.  

Due to the underlying blockchain technology that exists in all non-fungible tokens, there could never be forgery of NFT tickets, as the blockchain technology would immediately verify the authenticity of the NFT.  The blockchain technology acts as a “chain-of-custody” allowing the owner to confirm its authenticity, and to know who has had access to the Monkey NFT or NFT Monkey before purchasing it for themselves.  

Access to Future NFTs/Airdrops

NFT owners may be given exclusive access to future NFT projects.  Also, Monkey NFT holders may be given airdrops of rare or exclusive NFTs for free.  These AirDrops are the Christmas mornings of yesteryear – offering the NFT Monkey owners a surprise gift – an NFT – in their cryptocurrency wallet.  Unlike the NFT Monkey Whitelist, which we will discuss in more detail below, an airdrop requires no action on the part of the recipient of the Monkey NFT Airdrop.  It is a gift given for holding the NFT.  

Of course, access in the NFT world cannot be discussed without talking about NFT Whitelists.  NFT whitelists are basically VIP lists that allow the individual on the Whitelist certain privileges.  More often than not, the individual who is lucky enough to obtain access to a Whitelist of a popular Monkey NFT project, the Whitelist holder will be able to “mint” their NFT at a much lesser expense than the public-at-large.  In many respects, this is similar to VIP access.  The Whitelist participant gets to obtain special perks and discounts not available to the general public.  

Access to Value

NFTs may provide access to value.  Many NFTs can appreciate over time.  Adding value to their owner’s portfolio, while still providing utility.

Access to Physical World Networking/VIP Events

NFTs might also provide the owner access to certain exclusive networking events.  The NFT Monkey holder might be able to gain access to certain VIP events.  

Recently, a restaurant in New York City created an NFT that provided each NFT owner exclusive access to the restaurant.  In other words, if you do not own the NFT you could not enter the restaurant.  Talk about exclusivity.  This is the type of access individuals pay for and wait for their entire life. This type of access is just becoming realized as NFTs realize their full potential not just as pieces of really cool art, but also used as tickets to events, and used to gain access to VIP sections.  

Access to Passive Income 

NFT projects may provide the holder of the NFT with the ability to stake their NFTs.  This requires the owner of the NFT to “deposit” their NFT into the main.  In turn, the NFT project pays out “interest” to the NFT Monkey holder.  The NFT then remains in the wallet of the NFT Project.  In most instances, the NFT Monkey owner can unstake his/her Monkey NFT when they want to.  It is important for any Monkey NFT owner to pay particular to the rules in regard to staking.  

Access to Giveaways

Many NFT projects provide incentives to the NFT Community to join the community.  There are many raffles and giveaways happening often in the NFT space.   These side benefits really just give people a great opportunity to enter into the NFT space.

Part IV

Monkey NFT Art v. Traditional Art: What’s the Difference?

Traditional Art and NFT Art

Traditional art is beautiful.  Some of the most memorable paintings the world has ever seen are due to traditional art and its beauty.  That said, in 2022, the art world has become so much more than traditional art. NFTs have taken the art world by storm.  Indeed, the popularity of NFTs has brought art to the masses in a way that no one could have ever imagined.  Blockchain technology keeps NFTs encrypted, immutable, and secured.  This makes NFT Digital Art something that is easily transferable between consumers without the need of any intermediaries.

There are many similarities between Traditional Art and NFT Art. Both traditional art and Monkey NFT Art and NFT Art look beautiful.  A Monkey NFT looks very cool.  There are also many differences.  NFT Art must be both digital and secured on the blockchain.  In this blog post, we examine both the things they have in common and their differences.  It is a great time for the art world! 

Both May Increase in Value

Traditional art and NFT art both may increase in value over time.  This is a common quality between the two art worlds.  As with any investment, there are rewards and risks.  Each person must do their own due diligence.  That said, both traditional art and NFT art may increase in value over time.

Created by Artists

Artists create both traditional art and NFT art.   Anything in a digital format can be turned into an NFT.  This is the only requirement when considering making NFT art.  Here, the NFT creator and the traditional artist are one and the same.  The NFT Monkey creator can create any sort of NFT he or she desires.  It is a subjective and creative task.  The traditional artist is in a similar position as the NFT creator.  

There are significant differences between NFT Art and Traditional Art. While traditional art and Monkey NFTs have many similarities, the differences are significant.   Physical v. Digital.  There is some digital art in the traditional art world.  That said, digital art takes up a very small portion of the traditional art world.  NFT have made “digital art” cool.  The traditional art world will never be the same.

NFT Monkey Art and The Benefit Provided

Utility.  NFTs are better than traditional art because NFTs have utility that goes beyond the enjoyment of looking at pretty pictures.  Art, traditionally speaking, only involved the actual piece of art itself.  There was no further benefit to obtain from traditional art other than the pleasure one obtains from looking at it.  The utility of NFTs s only limited to the creator’s imagination.  The creator of NFTs have amazing opportunities to provide utility to future Monkey NFT holders, and this is something traditional art – for all its splendor – does not have. 

The Origin of an NFT Monkey is Undeniable

Provenance is defined as: “the place of origin or earliest known history of something.” It is to understand something’s beginnings.  

In the traditional art world, provenance is an extremely important factor in determining the art’s value.  If a Rembrandt is not a Rembrandt, the value goes from priceless to worthless in seconds.  The traditional art world has had significant and recurrent issues with respect to forgery.  Forgery has existed as a nefarious companion to the traditional art world, walking side-by-side, ensuring that at any opportunity, an opportunist will strike and trick another “art expert” until believing that the forged piece of art is a masterpiece.  It has followed the traditional art world wherever she goes, and the traditional art world can do nothing to stop this insidious beast. 

Provenance is safe-guarded and 100% secure on the blockchain.  There is no need of relying upon art experts to determine whether or not a painting is a forgery.  Moreover, the art world’s ability to determine authenticity in the traditional art world is lacking.  In fact, forgery remains a significant concern in the traditional art community, with some estimating that over 40% of all traditional art is fake.  


Conversely, a Monkey NFT has an established, immutable chain of custody that goes back from the creator to the current Monkey NFT owner.  This blockchain of custody is viewable by all, as it is a public ledger. Further, the “place of origin” for Monkey NFTs can never be questioned, as the chain of custody exists from creator/artist to current owner.  The blockchain technology embedded in all NFTs allow for every single NFT ever created to be tracked, monitored, and viewed for price action, for recent sales and purchases, etc.  

The Monkey NFT owner will rest assured that the NFT Monkey he owns is authentic.  There is no need to retain the services of an expert in the traditional art world to confirm the authenticity of a non-fungible token, an NFT, an Awk Monk NFT, an NFT Monkey, or a Monkey NFT.  The confirmation of the NFT Art authenticity has been done and continues to be done forever on the blockchain.  Traditional art has always had and will always have significant problems as it relates to authenticity.  This is why forgery is still rampant and ongoing in the traditional art world.  

Traditional Art has a Forgery Problem

Blockchain keeps NFTs secure and immutable.  A Monkey NFT can never be unauthentic.  That is the genius of the non-fungible tokens and Monkey NFTs – 100% guarantee every single time that the Monkey NFT is authentic, real, and yes, they’re spectacular.  In fact, the authenticity issue in traditional art not only has been solved by non-fungible tokens and Monkey NFTs, but because of blockchain technology, Monkey NFTs and other non-fungible tokens can monetize authenticity in a way that could never be done by traditional art.  Monkey NFTs and the technology that support Monkey NFTs is groundbreaking, and the technology and all its wonders is still being fully realized.  

Authenticity and the value of being real is extremely important in both the traditional art world and in the Monkey NFT community.  How often have people said: “Be real man”  or “Be true to yourself” or “Be authentic.” Often, people use words they do not fully understand.  People think something means “x” when it really means “y.”   Webster’s Dictionary defines authentic as: “of undisputed origin, genuine.”  But why is something authentic so valuable?  Why does the authenticity add value to the NFT?  This is a subject we examine, as it provides unbelievable value in the NFT world.  Let there be no doubt:  tremendous value lies in the authenticity provided by owning Monkey NFTs and other non-fungible tokens.

NFTs are Art with Technology

Monkey NFTs and other non-fungible tokens have certain characteristics that not only differentiate them from traditional art – the characteristics that exist in Monkey NFTs and other non-fungible tokens make them exceedingly more valuable than traditional art.  Traditional art has a forgery problem.  Traditional art has an authenticity problem.  This is where traditional art has extreme difficulty:  proving authenticity.  

It is estimated that 40% of all traditional art that is currently in circulation in the traditional art world is forged.  More likely than not, this is an underestimate.  The amount of unauthenticated traditional art that is sold and transferred each year is in the hundreds of millions of dollars.  Most of the victims of these transactions do not become aware until long after the transaction has been completed, and the seller is long gone.  

Sadly, there are many more individuals that own traditional art that do know that the traditional art they own is not authentic. Forgery is not and never will be an issue with Monkey NFTs and other non-fungible tokens as the blockchain and the smart contracts that build the Monkey NFTs are alive and well on a public ledger that can never be hacked, manipulated, changed or altered in any way.  This is the groundbreaking technology the traditional art world cannot and will not obtain.  It is why a Monkey NFT, an Awkward Monkey NFT, and other non-fungible tokens are so valuable.  Authenticity is not and will never be questioned.  Genius.  

Blockchain is a Public Ledger

The blockchain technology allows for any consumer to view and study the blockchain.  The blockchain is a public ledger that allows all access to the chain-of-custody from the creator of the content to the most recent owner.  It is another piece of ground-breaking technology that only exists in non-fungible tokens.  Traditional art can never get to this level of authenticity.  The traditional art world has used signatures and experts to assist in their efforts to curtail forgery, but to no avail.  

In the world of NFTs, Monkey NFT, Ape NFTs, Awk Monk NFTs, and NFT Monkeys there is never an issue with provenance.  If an owner of a Monkey NFT, or a potential owner of a Monkey NFT is considering purchasing a Monkey NFT – or any other NFT or non-fungible tokens – all that is required to insure the authenticity of the NFT Monkey – is to simply look at the blockchain itself.   No longer must a purchaser of fine arts question or always wonder the authenticity of their art.  Non-fungible tokens have solved this problem.  A Monkey NFT is authentic because the blockchain technology says so.  The blockchain does not belong to any one entity.  It is a public ledger and it cannot be hacked or manipulated.  

Authenticity Matters

Why does authenticity matter in the art world?  Of course, the answer here is obvious.  If a Rembrandt was not a Rembrandt it is worthless.  If the Rembrandt is a Rembrandt it is priceless.  The difference between the two is literally opposite ends of the spectrum.  This is one problem that will never happen in the NFT art world.  NFTs are non-fungible and authentic.  100% guarantee. It’s the best guarantee money can buy.  100% authentic or your money back.  The blockchain technology that is behind Monkey NFTs and other non-fungible tokens is just one of the reasons the Monkey NFTs and non-fungible tokens and other NFTs are so valuable.  They are who we thought they were! 

Digital Art

Another significant way that traditional art is distinguishable from non-fungible tokens and Monkey NFTs is that all NFTs, Monkey NFTs and non-fungible tokens are digital.  While some traditional art has been and continues to be digital, in reality, this makes up a very small percentage of the entire traditional art community.  Moreover, it is highly likely that any digital artist in the traditional art world, such as Beeple, will simply make his or her traditional digital art and then simply turn said digital art into non-fungible tokens, NFTs, or Monkey NFTs – and make significantly more money.  

Anything that can be turned into a digital format can be made into an NFT.  Therefore, the world is just starting to fully recognize the full potential of non-fungible tokens, NFTs and Monkey NFTs. It is time to get into the NFT and Monkey NFT space.  In fact, there is no better time to purchase a Monkey NFT.  

Mona Lisa is so yesterday. Give me NFT.

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Part V

The Cost of Doing Monkey Business: The Costs and Fees Associated with Owning a Monkey NFT

NFT Monkey | Genesis Awkward Monkey

Costs Associated with Buying an NFT Monkey

The costs of getting into the NFT space are not as high as just a few years ago.  There are now more NFT marketplaces than ever.  Sales of NFTs are at all-time highs, and more NFT Projects are being born daily.  Also, due to the introduction of Solana NFTs, buying and selling NFTs has never been cheaper.  You can mint an NFT, or you can buy an NFT on a marketplace like OpenSea or Magic Eden.  Let’s look at what it takes to mint an NFT!

Minting an NFT

The Minting.  When someone mints an NFT, they are actually creating the NFT.  The mint itself occurs on the NFT projects website.  Once the mint is sold-out, you can purchase the NFTs from an NFT marketplace.  Minting an NFT is pretty awesome, as you are part of the creative process.  No one – including the NFT Project – know what NFT you are going to get.    

Creating NFT Art

To create an NFT it only takes a few steps.  You must have a cryptocurrency wallet.  These are easy to obtain.  Meta Mask and Phantom Wallet are the two most popular.  You can add crypto to your crypto wallets.  After adding crypto to the wallet, you can mint an NFT.  All NFTs are minted on the official website of the NFT Project.  Once the mint is sold-out, you can get the NFTs on the marketplace.  

NFT Monkey Project’s Website

You can use the Meta Mask Wallet for Ethereum NFTs.  The most popular cryptocurrency used to create NFTs is Ethereum.  However, Ethereum NFTs can be expensive.  


Ethereum is an expensive cryptocurrency.  That said, there is a new player in the non-fungible token, NFT, and cryptocurrency market.  Solana, since its inception in 2020, has continued to impress developers and gamers.  It is fast, efficient, and has nominal fees.  


Solana is fast, efficient, and inexpensive.  Solana is a relatively new cryptocurrency, but it has quickly taken the Monkey NFT world by storm.  There have been a plethora of Solana NFT marketplaces opening up all over the internet in the last two years.  In fact, Solana NFT marketplaces and their exponential growth are a true competitor to the strong-hold Ethereum has on the NFT and Monkey NFT marketplace.   Also, OpenSea is now in its beta period for Solana NFTs.  

Solana Surging

Solana NFTs are having their moment.  OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace, has added Solana to their platform.  Solana is just a more inexpensive option than the pricey Ethereum.


Solana NFTs and Solana Monkey NFTs have taken the non-fungible token marketplace by storm.  However, the technology – the characteristics that make the non-fungible token an NFT and a Monkey NFT in the first place – are identical.  Ethereum Monkey NFTs and other NFTs have been in existence since at least 2017.  

NFT’s Beginnings

Around 2012, individuals began experiencing with bitcoins.  The goal was to add some functionality and some more utility to bitcoins.  These “colored coins” would become the framework and the building blocks for the non-fungible tokens.  

Solana NFTs

The Solana NFT market is currently bullish.  Magic Eden just recently broke their record for one day sales.  Of course, with OpenSea selling Solana NFTs, one can imagine this bullish time is only going to extend.  Solana NFTs do not require high gas fees like Ethereum.  For example, at Team Awk Monk’s site, a consumer interested in “minting” or creating a Monkey NFT may do so for only 1.5 Solana while in Mint Phase One.  The fee Solana charges to mint an Awk Monk us under twenty cents.  Fees for a similar mint on the Ethereum blockchain would be over fifty dollars.  The Solana NFTs are just starting to explode, and it could be just the beginning of the Monkey NFT experience.  

NFT owners have several options after purchasing their NFT.   Owners of the Monkey NFT can look at multiple factors.  The NFT owner must consider the possibility that the NFT will increase in value.  Also, some NFT owners like “flipping” their NFTs for a quick profit.   There are many options an NFT owner must consider.  

Part VI

Curating and Collecting Monkey NFTs

The Year of the NFT

NFTs are seemingly everywhere in 2022.  It is almost impossible to keep track of all the NFT news and information.  Every day it seems another company has entered into the NFT space.  It is hard for a consumer to navigate the space.  There are several factors that an NFT collector must consider before purchasing an NFT.  There are many factors that a NFT collector should consider before purchasing a Monkey NFT.  NFTs are more than just pieces of art.  Many NFTs have utility and benefits.  Some of these benefits are pretty freaking cool.  NFTs are changing the way we think about art and value.  


As discussed above, Monkey NFTs and other non-fungible tokens are not just beautiful pictures to look at.  While some are only pictures without any other utility, other NFTs provide many benefits for their owners.  Some non-fungible tokens that have no utility can still be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.  More and more, NFT projects are providing benefits to their NFT community. 


Some non-fungible tokens provide the owner with access.  This can be access to a Discord Server or VIP access to a physical world event.  NFTs can also be used to access information.  Some of that information can be proprietary and very valuable.  This can help NFT owners when making future decisions on purchasing a Monkey NFT or other non-fungible tokens.  NFTs can be used as tickets to real world events or to metaverse events.  It is not uncommon for an NFT project to own land in the metaverse.  The NFT Project can limit access to their lot to NFT owners.  NFTs are like backstage passes.


Community is a huge part of the Monkey NFT landscape.  The NFT Community is a growing and thriving community.  It can be found on many social media channels.  Discord is a popular place for people to talk about NFTs, but there are other places too.  Twitter, TikTok, and even Instagram all have a growing NFT community.  The NFT Monkey community continues to grow and to develop.  It is a great place to get information about NFTs.  Sometimes, new NFT projects will provide NFTs to other NFT communities.  There is a lot of positive things going on in the NFT space.  The Community also provides insights into new things happening in the crypto world.


NFTs are digital assets that may increase in value over time.  Like any asset, NFTs may increase in value over time.  Of course, their value can also go down.  Everyone must do their own due diligence.  However, there is no market in the world growing faster than NFTs.  The great thing about NFTs is the owner may get the utility while holding onto the NFT art. 

Airdrops/Future NFTs

The holders and owners of certain Monkey NFTs and other non-fungible tokens can obtain access to airdrops.  Owners may also get secret and VIP access to future Monkey NFT drops. This is a huge benefit, as some of these NFTs can be valuable.  The Monkey NFT holder not only owns his NFT but has a license to future NFTs. The future Monkey NFT projects may not be open to the public – only to certain NFT holders. 

Monkey NFT holder to obtain a future Monkey NFT a “cost” and then sell it on the secondary market for a significant profit, well above their cost basis to obtain the first Monkey NFT purchased by the Monkey NFT holder. Now we are finally starting to realize the unbelievable potential and value of Monkey NFTs, Monkey non-fungible tokens and other NFTs in the marketplace.  The NFT community is still figuring out all of the NFT utility.  There is much more.  It is a great time to enter into the NFT space.  

Whitelists to NFT Projects

As we have discussed above, whitelists are the VIP lists in the NFT, Monkey NFT and non-fungible tokens world.  They allow holders to “mint” below the costs to the public.  In fact, some Monkey NFT projects and other non-fungible tokens allow their whitelist holders to “mint” for free.  Again, just another benefit to the Monkey NFT owner: the opportunity to obtain whitelist access to future Monkey NFT projects and other non-fungible token events.

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The Difference between Minting a Monkey NFT v. Purchasing a Monkey NFT on an NFT Marketplace

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Minting an NFT

There are several ways to buy an NFT.  You can buy an NFT on an NFT Marketplace, such as OpenSea or Magic Eden.  You can also buy an NFT directly from an NFT project’s website.  Minting an NFT only happens when you buy an NFT directly from the NFT project’s website.  It is a fun experience.  Let’s take a look at how this all works.

NFT Website for Minting

The first step in minting an NFT is to go to the NFT Project’s main website.  Once you are on the main page, there will be buttons so that you can mint an NFT.   Always confirm you are on the correct website.  There are many bad guys that are trying to hack people’s cryptocurrency wallets.  You should only go to websites you know.  Pay attention to social media channels for official news and websites.  Do not go to websites that you do not know.  Never connect your crypto wallet to a shady website.  

Ethereum NFTs and Solana NFTs

All NFTs are made by using two cryptos:  Ethereum or Solana.   In order to get in the NFT game, you must have either Ethereum or Solana.  The Monkey NFT purchaser must also have a cryptocurrency wallet such as Meta Mask (for Ethereum) or Phantom (most common for Solana).  This way you can send and receive crypto.  The crypto wallet also stores your NFTs.  When you connect the wallet to NFT marketplaces, the NFTs show up in your marketplace profile.  The cryptocurrency wallet can store both your NFTs and your crypto.  

Connect your Crypto Wallet

At the main NFT Project website, minting an NFT is very easy.  For example, at our Awk Monks website, we have several “buttons” that allow anyone to “mint” an NFT within seconds.  The only requirements are a crypto wallet and crypto in the wallet to mint.  Once you connect your wallet to the NFT Project’s website, minting is very straight-forward.

NFT Project Website

Please be careful to only to official NFT Project websites.  You should obtain this information only through official social media channels and Discord.  Pay close attention to the NFT Community.  There are hacks occurring frequently, so it is important that you only mint NFTs from official websites.  Official Twitter feeds are great ways of getting information on NFT projects.  These Twitter feeds are usually updated daily and are good resources for official information.

NFT Social Media Channels

Official NFT Projects will have an official Discord page, an official Twitter Account, and often an official email, Telegram, TikTok, Instagram and other official social media channels and accounts.  It is through these official channels and accounts, that Monkey NFTs, NFT Monkey and other NFTs will provide information and detailed instructions.  These are great places to find out where and when public minting is available.  These channels can provide detailed information on the public mint, including the price and supply.  Official social media channels can also provide information on roadmaps and future ideas.  

Hackers gonna Hack

It is imperative and of utmost importance that one use the official website.  This is where the individual must do their own due diligence.  Make sure things look right and are spelled correctly.  Oftentimes, hackers will have spelling errors, grammatical errors, and the websites the hackers use to create a “fraudulent minting” will always have a domain and website that is NOT the Official Monkey NFT, or NFT Monkey website.  

Careful when Minting

Everyone should be careful whenever connecting their crypto wallet to a website.  Hackers have gone through incredible lengths to steal expensive NFTs.  As mentioned above, stick to social media channels you know to get information.  You should never connect your crypto wallet to a website you do not trust.  This can be tricky.   Hackers are advanced, and they’re using pretty intense tricks.  Just make sure to do your own research and only get your information from trusted sources.


Monkey NFTs: An Investment for Infinity and Beyond

Digital Assets

NFTs are quickly becoming must have digital assets.  The industry is expected to gross over $80 billion in revenues by 2025.  This is a conservative estimate.  At the time they were minted, it cost $270.00 to purchase one Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT.  Today, the floor price for a “BAYC” is at or around $400,000.00.  The appreciation in value of Monkey NFTs is a fascinating development.  Everyone is trying their hand in the NFT Game.  It is rewarding but challenging.   More and more investors are buying NFTs.  Monkey NFTs and other non-fungible tokens are becoming must haves in investor’s portfolios.  That only means good things for the owners and holders of NFT monkeys, Monkey NFTs, and other NFTs out there in the marketplace.  


There are many good reasons to get into the NFT space.  The artwork is cool.  There are many benefits that NFT owners can get.  The utility can be many things, even access to VIP real-world physical events.  

It’s Only the Beginning

The NFT Monkey marketplace is in its early stages, demand is still relatively low.  However, as people continuously hear about Monkey NFTs on the news, and consumers hear about their friends becoming rich off of NFTs, the desire and the demand for NFT Monkeys and other NFTs will sky-rocket.  The general public still does not really understand NFT Monkeys and why NFTs are becoming so popular, so quickly.  

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