Mint Now!

We will be limiting the mint to 10 Monks per transaction. However, you can return to the mint section as many times as you want.

Current Price: 1.5 SOL
Mint Map

The Mint Map

The Awk Monk NFT Project is currently in Mint Phase One and our Giveaways are ongoing!

  • Price
    Gift Giveaway
    Genesis Giveaway
  • We are here
    1.5 Sol
    MetaQuest 2
  • We are here
    2 Sol
    Nintendo Switch OLED
  • We are here
    2.5 Sol
    PS5 Digital Edition
  • We are here
    3 Sol
    Xbox Series X
  • We are here
    3.5 Sol
    iPad Pro 512GB Gen 5
  • We are here
    4 Sol
    $10,000 USD in Solana
  • After all AwkMonks have sold out 1 Lucky winner will receive a…
    Tesla Model 3
  • The Awk Monk NFT Project is currently in Mint Phase One.  Each Awk Monk minted during Mint Phase One costs 1.5 Solana.  Each Awk Monk owner that is holding an Awk Monk NFT at the end of Mint Phase One is eligible for a chance to win a MetaQuest 2, as well as one our super rare Genesis Monkeys.  Hold onto your Awk Monk NFT during Mint Phases 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 and be eligible for ALL prizes and giveaways, including $10,000 paid in Solana, and a brand-new Tesla Model 3.