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Hey hey, we’re the NFT Monkeys

About Awk Monks

Awk Monks are a collection of 8,888 awkward monkeys, each with unique and extraordinary characteristics, monkeying around and thriving on the Solana blockchain. They may be awkward NFT monkeys but they are confident and assured of their own self-worth awkwardly making a life of it out there in the wild and strange jungles of the Solana Blockchain.

Our Why

A community where awkward moments are shared and celebrated.

Our Mission

To connect collectors and investors with the freshest NFT monkey art that returns inspiration and financial gain.

Core Values

Kind. Transparent. Motivated.


The Awk Monk Team believes in being kind and having fun. Being fun and having kind.


The Awk Monk Team believes in keeping the Awk Monk Family informed on all Awk Monk happenings, news, and information.


The Awk Monk Family is motivated to make our NFT community prosper and grow. Financially & personally. We family.


The Awk Monk Team has a Four Phase Roadmap. We are currently in Phase 2. By Phase 4, we will have exclusive merch, Monkey Movies, verified lounges, Metaverse access & more.

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Mint Map

Awk Monk NFTs are in Mint Phase One. We have Six Mint Phases. As the end of each Phase, we conduct a giveaway. Simply hold onto your Awk Monk NFT for a chance to win. Full Mint winner gets a Tesla Series 3!

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Explore all current members of the Awkward Monkey Family! Find your friends, your friend's friends.

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Let My Awkward Be

Being Awkward is everyone. Being Awkward and cool is us.


Frequently Asked Questions

You Ask Frequently. We Answer Often.

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Connect with AwkMonks

Reach out on the vine. We don't bite.

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Meet the Monkeys

The Awk Monks were created by a team of creative and tech experts: Entrepreneurs, Blockchain experts, Artists, Designers, and Investors. We are determined to curate a great experience and turning this project into a huge success.

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