We are currently in Mint Phase One.  Each Awk Monk minted during Mint Phase One is 1.5 Sol.  Each Awk Monk NFT owner that holds their Awk Monk NFT – regardless of when minted – will be eligible for the Minte Phase One Raffle Giveaway = a Meta Quest 2. Virtual Headset.  If you hold onto your NFT Awk Monk during each Mint Phase, you’re eligible for all of our amazing GIVEAWAYS, including a Playstation 5DE, $10,0000.00 payable in Solana, as well as a Tesla 3 when we hit full mint!  For more information on our Mint Map and what it means to you, check out Wolf from our Awk Monk NFT Team as he explains the wonders of our Mint Map Giveaway Bonanza!