Sure can.  First, the Giveaway has just started.  To be eligible to enter all one has to do is purchase an Awk Monk NFT and hold it.  If you hold the Awk Monk NFT until we reach full mint, you will be eligible to win EVERY single giveaway, including a PS5, $10K paid in Sol, and a brand spankin’ new Tesla Model 3.  The only thing you have to do is hold your Awk Monk NFT.  Also, as we move forward to Mint Phase 2, Mint Phase 3, etc., the price continues to rise to mint an Awk Monk.  So, you should get in early and just hold your Awk Monk.  Also, there are no limits on how many you buy, etc.  Just buy and hold and you have a chance to win.

Watch Wolf from the Awk Monk Team explain the Mint Map and all the awesome Giveaways we have in store!