NFT Monkey Business

NFTs and the NFT Monkey Art space has exploded in the past year.  No one knew what a Bored Ape was 1 year ago.  T0day, due to its stupendous returns, an investment in a Bored Ape NFT just one year ago would have made you filthy rich.  NFTs continue to dominate headlines, as more and more institutions enter into the NFT Monkey space.  Why are NFTs becoming so cool and so popular?  In this blog post, we try to explain the phenomenon.  We also look at one NFT Monkey Art project in particular:  The Limited NFT Art Collection:  Awk Monks.

Every Cool Cat Owns An NFT

A few months ago, almost no one had no ever heard of the term “NFT.” Now, every “cool” and “it” person in Hollywood owns an NFT.  Indeed, celebrities and sports stars are showing off their NFTs on their social media channels on a regular basis. 

The communities involved in the NFT Monkey space continue to grow.  As NFTs becomes more ubiquitous, it is important to understand their potential to change the entire economy.  It is just the beginning, and if you’re reading this you are just in time to enter into the NFT Monkey Art space. 

Awk Monks:  A Limited Edition NFT Collection

Now, let’s take a look at our Limited Collection NFT Monkey Drop:  Awk Monks.  We’ll take a look at how the Awk Monks began, where they are, and where they are going.  It is an exciting time be a part of the Awk Monk Family! 

It All Started with A Meme

First, to understand anything, it is always smart to start at the very beginning.  We all have an origin story, and our Awk Monks have one too.  The awkward monkey meme, seen below, it what inspired our collection.  It is everything!

Awkward Monkey Meme

The popular Awkward Monkey Meme.

This meme, which is actually from a Japanese children’s show, has become one of the most viral memes on the internet.  This meme was the muse and the inspiration for our Awk Monk NFT Project.  Now that we know where the NFT Awkward Monkeys come from, let’s take a closer look at the Awk Monk project now and see where they are going!

What is an NFT anyway?

To understand the Awkward Monkey NFT Collection, we must first understand the term “NFT.” First, the term “NFT” stands for “non-fungible token.”  “Non-fungible” means that the item is one of a kind.  There is no other NFT exactly like another NFT.  This is part of their non-fungibility.  An NFT cannot be exchanged for equal value for another NFT because each NFT has its own, unique value.  Each one is different.   And owning something that is unique is pretty spectacular. 

Code By Any Other Name Doesn’t Smell as Sweet

NFTs, at their heart, consist of unique pieces of immutable code.  That code is unique, and the code encapsulates all of the underlying art work’s cool characteristics.   The unique code that creates NFTs refers to and references the underlying art. Here, with an Awk Monk NFT, the artwork is three-dimensional, and it is pretty freaking cool.  

The other thing to know about NFTs is that they are built on the blockchain.  This means NFTs are immutable.  NFTs can never be altered or hacked, and their ownership is verified and authentic.  NFT Monkeys and Monkey NFTs are all built with this same awesome technology.  They are real and they are spectacular! 

Mint An Awk Monk

When you mint an NFT you are minting a one-of-a-kind piece of art.  Our minting process creates a randomly generated NFT Awkward Monkey.  Your awkward monkey will be one-of-a-kind.  No other person will have the EXACT same awkward monkey as you.  Each Awkward NFT monkey is one-of-a-kind and unique.   Let’s take a quick look at the different characteristics of each NFT Awkward Monkey, what makes each one special, unique, and awkward.  


Awkward Monkey

NFT Awkward Monkey

The Different Characteristics of an Awk Monk NFT

Wallpaper. The wallpaper behind the awkward monkey itself will be a different color.  It could be blue as with the Awk Monk NFT above, or it be a different color.  The awesome part of minting an Awkward Monkey NFT is that all of these different characteristics will be combined into a one-of-kind unique Monkey NFT.  

Head.  The awkward monkey head can come in a many different forms.   From the brown awkward monkey NFT below, to an Awkward Monkey that is wearing an astronaut’s helmet.  The NFT Awkward Monkey’s head can have crazy hair or no hair at all!  Whatever awkward monkey is created, it is assured to be a unique awkward monkey that is totally yours and totally cool. 


Awkward Monkey NFT

An Awk Monk NFT

The Awk Monk NFT also has different mouth features.  Also, your NFT Awkward Monkey can have many different types of hands depending upon the Awk Monk NFT you mint.  

Utility Matters

The Genesis Awkward Monkey is the rarest of all Awkward Monkey NFTs.  There are only 50 in existence, and each one has some of the coolest, rarest attributes of all the awkward monkey NFTs.  

Awk Monks are not only art, but they also have utility and functionality that goes beyond the cool artwork. 

Monkey Merchandise

The Awkward Monkey NFT Project is also in the process of creating unique, one-of-a-kind merchandise.  Some of this merchandise will only be available to Awkward Monkey NFT owners and holders.  


The Awk Monk NFT Collection is in the process of creating a verified discord lounge for owners.  This will be a lounge where owners can discuss our project, as well as share information on the NFT Community.

Giveaways Galore

NFT Monkey Art is not just cool to look at it.  Owning NFT Monkey Art provides you with opportunity to win giveaways and prizes.  The Awkward Monkey NFT Project is also involved in huge giveaways throughout the entire minting/creating process.  These giveaways include an Oculus, a Nintendo Switch, an XBox, a Playstation 5, $10,0000 given in Solana, as well as a brand-new $40,000.00 Tesla!  These are the types of utilities that an individual may obtain by holding an Awk Monk NFT.  These types of benefits and utility are NEVER offered or obtained in the traditional art world.  It is groundbreaking.  


The Awkward Monkey Community is donating a portion of the mint proceeds to a real-life Monkey Charitable foundation. The Awk Monk Family is more than just a virtual family.  The community cares and the community is involved.  

You’re So Meta

The Awk Monk team has already purchased space in the metaverse, and we are in the process of developing that metaverse space so it’s fantastic.

Continue to check out our blog for more updates on our project, our giveaways, and for more resources on the NFT Monkey Art community.  Also, don’t forget to check out our in-depth NFT Monkey Guide:  The Ultimate NFT Monkey Guide  It is packed with a ton of awesome information on the NFT Monkey world.