Solana NFTs

Solana NFTs have had an amazing two-year run.  But with the crash of FTX, Solana’s price has dropped by over 50% in just one week.  Worse, even some of the most successful Solana NFT projects have “contemplated” moving their projects to Ethereum.  (Luckily, these projects quickly backtracked – for now.)  Nonetheless, it has been a brutal season for Solana.  Yet, every cloud has a silver-lining, and there is some light to be seen in the darkness.  Below, we look at some of the most successful Solana NFT Projects to-date, as the future of Solana NFTs remains bright.

Monkey NFT

Awk Monks.

The Most Successful Solana NFT Project Ever, Ever

DeGods is a deflationary collection of degenerates, punks, and misfits.  At least that what they tell us! And of course, as the most successful Solana NFT Project to-date, we should take their word for it.  The sales volume for DeGods is over 1.8 million Solana.  In fact, as you may see from some of the DeGods NFT owners below, even the co-founder of Solana itself, owns a DeGods.


Staking for Dust in a Solana NFT Project

The DeGods Solana NFT Project enables owners to stake their DeGods and DeadGods non-fungible tokens to earn $DUST.   $DUST is a crypto token made specifically for the DeGods non-fungible project, and provides owners with numerous benefits, including the ability to transform their DeGods into a DeadGods.  The DeadGods NFT is exclusively created by taking your DeGods NFT and using $DUST to transform your DeGods NFT into a DeadGods NFT.


Staking DeGods and DeadGods.

Yoots:  A New Blue-ChipS Solana NFT Project

Y00ts is a generative art project of 15,000 NFTs. Created by project that brought DeGods to the forefront.  The Yoots NFT Project is designed to be aesthetically pleasing, engineered to be functional, and curated to contain the best community of builders and creators on the internet.  Indeed, in order to mint a Yoots NFT, interested consumers had to submit an application to the Project indicating the consumer’s experience in Web3 and the crypto community.

Yoots NFT Art


Degenerate Ape Academy

The Degenerate Ape Academy is a collection of 10,000 NFTs on the Solana blockchain. This project was one of the first Solana NFT projects.  All 10,000 were minted on August 14th, 2021, at a cost of 6 SOL, when the price of Solana was around $40.  Degenerate Ape Academy was the first trustless non-fungible token launch on Solana.  It also grants you the highest level of possible entry into both The Degeniverse and the Degen DAOO – the largest Solana NFT DAO.

Solana NFT Art

Degenerate Ape Academy.

Okay Bears

Okay Bears is a culture shift. A clean collection of 10,000 diverse bears building a virtuous community that will transcend the internet into the real world.  This NFT Project has seen over 2.2 million in sales volume, one of the top non-fungible projects in Web3.

Solana NFT Art

Okay Bears.

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