Solana NFTs available on OpenSea

OpenSea’s NFT marketplace has rolled out Solana NFTs.  OpenSea is the largest NFT marketplace in the world and has just rolled out their Solana Beta period.   OpenSea has a multi-billion-dollar valuation as an NFT marketplace.  NFT sales on its website and NFT marketplace currently total in the billions of dollars each quarter.  Now, after much rumor, the internet’s worst kept secret has finally come to fruition:  Solana NFTs are available at OpenSea.  It is certainly a business relationship that has changed the NFT market forever.  

Never the same again

The NFT Monkey Art community and the Solana NFT world will never be the same.  This is a great opportunity.  Let’s take a look at the current OpenSea Solana Beta functionality.  As we look at OpenSea, we will also speculate as to what we will see in the coming months with OpenSea and Solana NFTs. 

Solana is Powerful

Solana is a powerful cryptocurrency and has similar capabilities to Ethereum.  Up and until the creation of Solana, only Ethereum and derivatives coins built upon Ethereum’s blockchain had the capabilities to create NFTs.  However, Solana has similar powers and capabilities as Ethereum.  Solana is now one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies in the world by market cap.  

Blockchain Technology

An NFT is encrypted code.  NFTs are immutable and are stored on the blockchain.  However, only certain cryptocurrencies have a blockchain, and only a smaller few have both their own blockchain, and the technology to create NFTs. Solana and Ethereum do both of these things and they do it well.  It does not matter if an NFT is built on Ethereum or Solana.  Both NFTs will provide utility and benefit to the owner.  Both types of NFTs will provide the same access to information and to community.  

More and more developers are using Solana to create NFTs.  This has happened even without OpenSea’s participation in the Solana NFT market.  Now that OpenSea has gone into its beta period with Solana NFTs, let’s take a look at what OpenSea’s Solana Beta period looks like.  

Solana NFTs and OpenSea

First, let’s connect our Solana Cryptocurrency wallet to OpenSea.  Phantom Wallet is the Solana NFT Wallet used by most major exchanges, and if you do not currently have a Phantom Wallet you can easily download a Phantom Wallet from Phantom Wallet’s main website, which can be found here at the Phantom Wallet’s website.  (You can also read our answer to an “FAQ” on obtaining a Phantom Wallet: here.) 

After you have your Phantom Wallet installed upon your internet browser, and you are on the official OpenSea website, which may be found here at, you can easily connect your Phantom Wallet to use Solana to purchase Solana NFTs on the OpenSea Solana marketplace.  Here, the OpenSea Solana beta is seamless with respect to connecting your Phantom Solana Wallet to the OpenSea Platform:  

phantom wallet and opensea connect

Phantom wallet as it appears on OpenSea.

Once connected to the OpenSea Solana Profile page, you would normally see your entire Solana NFT collection.  However, because OpenSea is still in its Solana beta period, there is currently a roll-out process at OpenSea with respect to NFTs that are built upon Solana.  

Below is a screenshot from an OpenSea profile that was created by using a Phantom Wallet.  You can see from the screenshot that this is an OpenSea Solana Account, and that OpenSea Solana is currently in beta, as pointed out by the purple arrow.  

OpenSea Solana NFTs

OpenSea as it appears in Solana NFTs.


Solana Still in Beta on OpenSea

OpenSea is still in beta testing with their Solana NFTs.  Not all Solana NFTs are available.    However, we can expect an experience that is identical to Ethereum NFT collections, and this is exciting news for any NFT Monkey, Monkey NFT, or other NFT holder that owns a Solana NFT.     

Solana NFTs and OpenSea remain in beta and as this process slowly rolls out, it is important to keep checking back in on your OpenSea Solana account, as your Solana NFT collection may not currently appear on your OpenSea profile.  Indeed, as you may see from the below screenshot, there are many Solana-based NFT collections that will not appear currently in your OpenSea Solana account.  

OpenSea in Solana Beta period

OpenSea is still updating their Solana NFTs collections regularly.


Solana NFTs and the Future of the NFT Market

The Solana NFT/OpenSea news is huge.  Solana NFTs will become exposed to more and more consumers and NFT art collectors.  The supply and the demand will increase.  Will OpenSea open the floodgates to more and more creators, artists, and Solana NFTs?



Solana NFTs.


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