Profile Pics and NFTs

There are many different types of profile pics that celebrities and stars have used throughout the years.  Recently, some sports stars and celebrities have been changing their profile pics to Monkey NFTs, NFT Monkeys and other NFT Profile Pics.  Some of these NFT Monkeys and Monkey NFTs have utility that go beyond the cool photos.  The NFTs may have further benefit than just the artwork.  The NFT Monkeys might allow for access to VIP areas.  The NFT holder might be granted access to information on future or developing NFT Monkey and Monkey NFT projects.  Also, Monkey NFT owners may obtain limited edition merchandise.  The utility an NFT Monkey or Monkey NFT may provide is endless depending upon the NFT Project.  

What is a PFP NFT?

However, there are some NFTs that provide no direct utility beyond the fact that they are just really cool to look at and to admire.  Yet, these NFTs have become very valuable in recent months.  No other NFTs have gained more in value and in prestige than the Profile Picture NFT.  Often referred to as “PFP NFT,” as they are called in the NFT Community.  These NFTs have become the most valuable NFTs in the NFT Marketplace.   

Why have the value of PFP NFTs taken off in the past few months?  First, PFP NFTs have quickly become the profile pictures of choice for celebrities and sports stars.  The NFT avatars are serving as a sort of representation of the person that owns the NFT Monkey or Monkey NFT.  It follows that these PFP NFTs have become some of the most expensive NFTs in the NFT market.  

The New Status Symbol

Profile Picture NFTs have become status symbols.  In fact, owning certain types of NFT is similar to owning a Rolls Royce or to a mega yacht. There is a certain amount of status that goes with something that is valuable and one-of-a-kind.  NFTs, Monkey NFTs, NFT Monkeys have become the new status symbol.  Something that is highly valuable, and something to own and to show off to the world.   As some of these NFTs can be valued at almost one million dollars, it makes a lot of sense that people are using these NFTs as ways of telling the multiverse:  I have made it.  That is status. 

Profile Picture NFTs are a type of NFT that have grown in immense popularity over the last year.  Celebrities and sports stars have been changing their social media profile photos to NFTs.  These PFP NFTs are usually avatars, and these NFTs are generally a reflection of the NFT owner’s personality.  

Unique Pieces of Art

The PFP NFTs have many unique and one-of-a-kind characteristics and attributes that make each avatar – even from the same NFT project – unique.  Also, because all of the NFTs from a certain project share similar vibes and aesthetic the NFT Monkey owners may feel a sense of community and belonging.  There is a tribal aspect here.  A vibe that brings the NFT community closer together.  All the NFT Monkeys in this crazy jungle together.  

CryptoPunk Profile Pic


The image above is one of the CryptoPunks.  One of only 10,000.  Each CryptoPunk has unique characteristics.  For example, the NFT above is smoking a cigarette.  Only a limited number of the CryptoPunks are smoking cigarettes. This one PFP NFT is considered to be an avatar.  CryptoPunk NFTs are valued at millions of dollars each and are some of the first NFTs ever created.  

As we have discussed, the PFP NFT is a movement that has gained immense amounts of popularity over the past year as celebrities and sports stars start changing their profile pictures from normal pics to Profile Picture NFTs.  There have been numerous celebrities that have gone this route, from Madonna to Odell Beckham, Jr., instantly bringing more credibility and status to the NFT Monkey projects they are a part of.  Here, from the screenshot below, we see Madonna’s Twitter profile and recently updated PFP NFT.   

Madonna's Profile Pic

Madonna’s Profile Pic NFT.

So Much More thana JPEG

It is important to note that an NFT is not just a photograph.  An NFT is a verification that you – the NFT Monkey owner and holder – own that particular digital asset.  An asset of which there is only one kind in the world.  No one else owns your particular NFT Monkey or Monkey NFT.  The blockchain technology confirms that and the blockchain technology cannot be hacked or changed.  

Indeed, the PFP NFT Monkey is more than just a screenshot of a photo.  The PFP NFT Monkey is a verified asset, meaning ownership cannot be manipulated or forged.   This allows for the owner to have proof of ownership. In fact, proof of ownership is part of the blockchain technology that allows for the existence of non-fungible tokens to exist.  This is not just owning a photo.  This is turning your profile photo into a million-dollar asset and the entire world knowing about it.   And the cool thing about NFTs – is that no one can forge or fake an NFT.  The blockchain technology is immutable and forgery of NFTs is impossible. 

twitter nft profile pic

Odell Beckham Jr. NFT Profile Pic.

Verify My NFT

As PFP NFTs take off, more and more social media channels are allowing for NFT verification.  This enables NFT owners to show off their PFP NFT Monkey avatars as their profile photos while also asserting to the world that their NFT Monkey profile picture is real, authentic, and is worth an enormous amount of money.  It is the status symbol for the next generation and the now generation.  As more and more social media sites allow for NFT verification, the PFP NFT marketplace will continue to expand.  

As we have mentioned above, Twitter was the first major social network to allow for the PFP NFTs to be prominently displayed.  Twitter did this by changing the shape of the profile picture from a circle for regular photos to a hexagon shape, if the profile picture is an NFT.  For example, as you may see below on Dez Bryant’s PFP NFT Twitter profile page, his profile picture is actually an NFT.  The hexagon shape of the profile photo lets all other Twitter users know that Dez has a PFP NFT.  In this instance, Dez has made a Bored Ape as his profile picture.  

twitter nft bored ape profile pic

Dez Bryant’s NFT Profile Pic.


Benefits and PFP NFTs

There are many NFT Monkey and Monkey NFTs that provide utility and that are also Profile Picture NFTs.  The Awkward Monkey Limited NFT Collection are PFP NFTs, minting is live now on our main website that may be found here:  Awk Monks:  A Limited NFT Collection.     

Also, continue to come back to our blog for more updates on our NFT Project, resources on NFT Monkeys and NFT Art, and if you like our blog check out our Ultimate NFT Monkey Guide, which can be found here:  The Ultimate NFT Monkey Guide.

See you crazy NFT Monkeys in the wild jungles of the Solana Blockchain.  

nft monkey profile pic

Profile Pic NFT Awkward Monkey.