We all like Gifts!

The NFT Awk Monk Project is currently involved in a huge giveaway now until we are fully minted out.  Every Awkward Monkey NFT owner is eligible to win all of our epic prizes.  Simply hold onto your Awk Monk NFT when each of our SEVEN drawings is completed.   Now, let’s take a more detailed look at the giveaways and the Awkward Monkey NFT Mint Map.

Awk Monks NFT Monkey Mint Map | Awk Monk NFTs

The Mint Map for Awk Monk’s Limited NFT Collection

Mint Phase One

Currently, the Awk Monks Family is in Mint Phase One.  During this phase, each NFT is only 1.5 Solana.  If you buy an Awk Monk at 1.5 Solana, and you hold it through full mint, you will be eligible for ALL OUR GIVEAWAYS.  At the time of our Mint Phase One Giveaway, we will be giving the Mint Phase One Winner a Meta Quest 2 Virtual Headset.  The NFT Monkey team here at Awk Monks will also be giving away one of our rarest NFTs, the Genesis Awk Monk.  There are only 50 in existence, and they are some of the coolest NFTs in our collection.  For the Mint Phase One Giveaway we will be giving away Genesis Awkward Monkey #16.

NFT Monkey | Genesis Awkard Monkey 16

NFT Monkey | Genesis Awkward Monkey 16.

Mint Phase Two

After 10% of all Awk Monk NFTs are minted, we enter into Mint Phase 2.  During Mint Phase 2, each NFT Awkward Monkey costs 2.0 Solana to mint.  Once Mint Phase 2 is complete, the lucky Awk Monk NFT owner who wins our Mint Phase 2 Raffle will win a Nintendo Switch OLED!

NFT Monkey Awkward Monkeys NFT Giveaway | Awk Monks NFTs

The Nintendo Switch OLED.

Also, at the end of Mint Phase 2 we will be giving away another Genesis Awkward Monkey.  The Genesis Monkeys are the rarest in our entire collection, and each one is pretty spectacular.  After 30% of all Awk Monk NFTs are minted, we move on to Mint Phase 3!

Three is a Charm:  Mint Phase Three

In Mint Phase Three each NFT Awk Monk costs 2.5 Solana to mint.   The NFT giveaway in Mint Phase Three is sweet.  We will be giving away a PlayStation 5 Digital Edition!   Just hold onto your NFT Awk Monk until we get to the Mint Phase 3 Raffle to be eligible to win.  As in our other NFT Giveaways, we will also be giving away one of our Genesis Awkward Monkeys.  There are only 50 of them out of 8,888 in our total collection.

NFT Giveaway Playstation 5

PlayStation 5 Digital Edition

Four Phases to Paradise

During the Awk Monk NFT’s Mint Phase Four, each Awkward Monkey NFT costs 3.0 Solana to mint.  The Mint Phase Four Raffle Giveaway is an exciting one!  The winner of the Mint Phase Four Raffle will win an XBox Series X!  Along with the XBox, our lucky NFT Monkey winner will also get one of our Genesis Awkward Monkey NFTs, one of only fifty.

XBox Giveaway NFT Monkeys Giveaways

Xbox Series X.

Johnny Five

The Awkward Monkeys Mint Phase 5 has incredible giveaways.  First, the price to mint an Awk Monk NFT in Mint Phase 5 is 3.5 Solana.   The winner of the NFT Giveaway Mint Phase 5 will receive an iPad Pro 512GB Generation 5, which is one of the most powerful iPads ever made.  The Mint Phase Five Giveaway Winner will also receive the rarest NFT Monkey in our collection:  the Genesis Awkward Monkey.   There are only 50 Genesis Awkward Monkeys in existence.

The Sixth Phase

Mint Phase 6 will be an exciting time for our Awk Monk family as we get to full mint!  The cost to mint an Awkward Monkey NFT in Mint Phase 6 is 4.0 Solana.  In order to celebrate Mint Phase 6, we will be giving away $10,000.00 in Solana to our Mint Phase 6 Winner!  The Mint Phase 6 Winner will also receive a Genesis Awkward Monkey – the rarest and most sought after NFT in our collection.

Solana NFT Monkeys

Solana Cryptocurrency

Fully Minted Tesla

After we have fully minted our entire NFT Monkey Collection, we will be raffling off to one lucky Awk Monk NFT owner a brand-new Tesla!  The Tesla Winner will also get a Genesis Awk Monk NFT!

NFT Giveaways Tesla

Tesla Model 3