NFT Art: Why are NFT Monkeys the most popular NFTs?

NFT Art has had quite a year.  The crypto winter has done little to abate the love and the strength of the Community.  Yet, out of all the successful Projects, it has been the primate-themed projects that have grabbed the hearts and imaginations of NFT Monkey enthusiasts and community alike.  This admiration within the community has been helped immensely by the Bored Ape Yacht Club – the most popular and most valuable NFT Monkey collection in the world.  But the movement has grown into so much more than just the Bored Apes.  The Community has fallen madly in love with all things NFT Monkey, but why?  Here, we look at 50 NFT Monkeys from our limited edition NFT Monkey Collection at Awk Monks.

NFT Monkey 1

Monkey NFT 2

Monkey NFT 3

Monkey NFT 4

Monkey NFT 5

NFT Monkey:  The Price of Primates

NFT Monkeys have seen some of the largest NFT Art purchases in the NFT Art Marketplace.  For example, the most expensive NFT Monkey ever sold was Bored Ape Yacht Club #8817 and was auctioned off at Sotheby’s and sold for $3.4 million.  This extremely rare piece of NFT Art has gold fur, a woold turtleneck, and is holding a party horn in his mouth.

Monkey NFT 6.

Monkey NFT 7.

Monkey NFT 8

Monkey NFT 9

Monkey NFT 10

Monkey NFT 12

Monkey NFT 13

Monkey NFT 14

Monkey NFT 15

Monkey NFT 16

Monkey NFT 17

Monkey NFT 18

Monkey NFT 19.

Monkey NFT 20

NFT Monkey or Bust!

The NFT Monkey craze has taken the PFP NFT world by storm.  A PFP NFT is a Profile Picture NFT and these types of NFTs are used as profile pictures on their respective owner’s social media accounts.  The PFPs are used as status symbols and are basically seen as the avatar of the owner.  In many respects, the owner takes on the characteristics and style of his NFT Monkey.  Or more likely than not, the owner chooses an NFT that has the characteristics and attributes that most resemble the owner.  Indeed, the profile picture comes to represent the owner.  Here, these 50 NFT Monkey PFP NFTs are perfect for profile pictures.

Monkey NFT 21

Monkey NFT 22.

Monkey NFT 23

Monkey NFT 24

NFT Art:   Monkeys On the Blockchain Jungle

NFT Art has exploded in the last few years, growing more in value and community than any of the other NFT Projects.  Their use as NFT PFPs is ubiquitous and their popularity is seemingly only going to continue to grow.

Monkey NFT 25

Monkey NFT 26

Monkey NFT 27.

Monkey NFT 28.

Monkey NFT 29.

Monkey NFT 30.

Monkey NFT 31

Monkey NFT 33

Monkey NFT 34

Monkey NFT 35

Monkey NFT 36

Monkey NFT 37

Monkey NFT 38

Monkey NFT 39.

Monkey NFT 40

Monkey NFT 41

Monkey NFT 42

Monkey NFT 43

Monkey NFT 44

Monkey NFT 45

Monkey NFT 46

Monkey NFT 47

Monkey NFT 48

Monkey NFT 49

Monkey NFT 50.

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