You’re so Metaverse

The Metaverse was a term first created by author Neal Stephenson’s in his 1992 sci-fi novel “Snow Crash.”  The term metaverse refers to a convergence of the physical world, virtual reality and augmented reality.  No one company or organization owns the metaverse.  In fact, there are hundreds of metaverses to choose from.  Of course, there are some metaverses that are more popular than others, and others are much more developed.

In each metaverse, you can go shopping, hang out with friends, and buy things.  You can also buy land in the metaverse.  You can do many things with this land.  In fact, many virtual landowners are already making money with their metaverse land.  Also, there are many pieces of virtual land that are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, while others are worth only a few.  Many metaverses already have operating businesses.  Chase Bank just opened a bank inside the metaverse.  The bank is located inside a metaverse mall.  Shopping in the metaverse will become very common in the coming years.

Snow Crash Metaverse Novel

“Snow Crash” first coined the term “metaverse.”

The Sandbox Metaverse

The two biggest players in the metaverse game are Decentraland and the Sandbox.  The Sandbox metaverse has grown in immense popularity.  It has a play-to-earn feature, where players can monetize their video game experience.  The Sandbox also has its own cryptocurrency called Sand.  You can buy pieces of virtual land in the Sandbox with Sand.  You can do many things with your virtual land.  Landowners can develop their land.  Virtual land can even be rented or used strictly as a form of revenue.  Many landowners place their own NFTs as displays on their land.

Here, we’re going to look at the most expensive piece of land every sold in the metaverse:  the 100 islands in the Sandbox metaverse.  That virtual land sale – worth $4.3 Million – is the largest virtual land sale in the history of the metaverse.

The Most Expensive Piece of Virtual Land

Indeed, in December of 2021, Everyrealm, a metaverse real estate developer, purchased 100 private islands in the Sandbox metaverse for $4.3 million.  As of spring 2022, it remains the most expensive piece of virtual land ever sold.  Everyrealm purchased islands that were just undeveloped land.  These developers have since built the virtual islands into luxurious exclusive compounds and transformed them into Fantasy Island.  Let’s take a closer look at this metaverse project:  the virtual real estate development Fantasy Island.

Virtual Real Estate Development

The metaverse real estate developers had a plan when they purchased the 100 private islands in Sandbox.  While the purchase is historic, these 100 Fantasy Islands represent the only islands in the entire Sandbox Metaverse.  Also, with the Sandbox being one of the largest metaverses, the exclusivity of the deal was probably too good to pass up.  The islands were “empty lots” before purchased by Everyrealm.  The development upon these islands is pretty swanky.

The Fantasy Island Luxury Island Community

The three different types of islands to choose from in Fantasy Island.  Each island comes with its own beach frontage and a personal pier. Currently, if you would like to buy an island you can buy a deed to an island at Fantasy Island’s listing on OpenSea.   None of the properties have been revealed yet.  If you own of the deeded NFTs, you may own one of the three different villa types offered in the Fantasy Island Community.   Let’s take a look at each of the three villas offered in the Fantasy Island community.


NFT Metaverse Land

Fantasy Island. The exclusive island compound in the metaverse.

Three Types of Villas in Fantasy Island

The Tikila Villa, the entry level virtual land in Fantasy Island, is inspired by the bungalows of the Maldives, the eco-lodges of Costa Rica, and the beach bungalows on Highway One in Malibu.  It is a cool villa, and a great way to enter into the virtual island space.  (Did I just say that?)

NFT Metaverse Land

The lower level of the Three Islands available at Fantasy Island.

The Pinkyteau Villa

The Pinkyteau Villa is Fantasy Island’s Villa Two and has some more exclusivity than the Tika Villas.  These villas come with a lighthouse and a mansion.  It has a sort of Maine meets Newport, Rhode Island kind of vibe.

NFT Metaverse Private Island

The Pinkyteau Villa in the island compound at Fantasy Islands.

The Frostbite Villa

The Frostbite Villas are the most exclusive islands in this luxury island community.  Each Frostbite Villa comes with its own zipline connected to the rocky cliffs across the frosty sea.  This is where Ice Man lives, for sure.

NFT Metaverse Fantasy Island Resort

The exclusive Frostbite Villa.

Fantasy Collection:  Luxury Asset NFTs

The developers of Fantasy Island also have a collection of luxury NFTs for use in the Fantasy Islands.  This Fantasy Collection has boats, jet skis and a mega yacht.  This NFT collection is for owners in the Fantasy Island community.


NFT Boats NFT Yachts

Luxury NFT assets from the Fantasy Collection


It appears that the developers of the Fantasy Island compound will also provide exclusive perks and airdrops to the landowners.  Stay tuned to our blog post for more updates on the Fantasy Island project, as well as news on the metaverse, NFTs and our own Awk Monk NFT Project!  Like what you read, check out our Ultimate NFT Monkey Guide – on all things NFT Monkey.