NFTs Are Everywhere

NFTs have had an amazing run in 2021 and in the early beginnings of 2022.  However, with the crypto winter bearing down on the crypto space, many have wondered if the crypto market is a passing fad. To answer this, one must simply look at “big business” and their actions in the NFT and metaverse space over the past year.  Hundreds of companies have entered into the metaverse and NFT realm.  The top companies in the world are now using these digital collectibles not only to market their real-life products, but they’re also selling their own branded digital collectibles.  Here, we look at some of the biggest brands that have entered the NFT and metaverse space.

Nike:  NFT Sneakers

In December of 2021, Nike bought-out the virtual sneaker designer, RTFKT.  Since that time, Nike has collaborated with RTFKT to create their own virtual NFT sneakers.  There were 20,000 virtual sneakers in this collection.  Some of these virtual sneakers have sold for thousands of dollars, with one pair of the rarest in the collection selling for $134,000.00.  The current floor price for a generic pair of these virtual kicks goes for about .86 ETH.

Nike NFT Sneakers

This virtual pair of Nike Sneakers sold for $134K.

Gucci: Fashion in the NFT Space

Fashion-giant Gucci has been aggressive in their jump into the Web3 space.  Gucci has created their own NFTs and have land in the Sandbox, as well as in Roblox.  The world fashion powerhouse also has their own website devoted to their metaverse presence, and is currently in the process of developing their land in the Sandbox.  Gucci just recently announced they will be accepting ApeCoin as payment.

Gucci's Sandbox Metaverse

Gucci’s land in the Sandbox Metaverse.

Tiffany’s: NFTs IRL

The world’s most famous jeweler, Tiffany’s, is creating pendants modeled after CryptoPunks, and have created 250 NFTs to coincide with this collaboration. Each piece of virtual artwork sold for 30 ETH.  After the famed jeweler announced this collaboration, the sales of the CryptoPunks NFTs jumped 248% within 24 hours of announcing the news.

CryptoPunks Pendant

Tiffany’s CryptoPunk Pendant.

Patron: One Tequila, Two Tequila

In January of 2022 Patron launched their first NFT.  The purchase of the NFT provides ownership rights to a very rare and exclusive physical bottle of Chairman’s Reserve — there are only 150 bottles in the world.  The original mint of the Patron NFT was for 1.5 ETH and sold-out.  However, one can still purchase the NFT on the secondary market.

NFT Patron

Chairman’s Reserve from Patron.


Starbucks is entering the NFT space later in the fall of 2022.  The coffee-giant is going to use digital collectibles as part of their customer loyalty program.  While the details of the program have yet to be released, it is expected that loyal customers will be granted digital collectibles with that will grant the owner exclusive content and perks.


In August of 2021, Coca-Cola launched their NFTs during a live-event in the the metaverse in Decentraland.  One of the Coca-Cola digital collectibles is a retro 1956 Coca-Cola vending machine for the metaverse.  Another of the the digital assets in the Coca-Cola collection is a bubble jacket wearable that can be worn in the metaverse.  The jacket itself fully illuminates and has a luminous fizz.


In November 2021, McDonald’s released a limited edition run of 10 McRib NFTs.  These digital collectibles were designed to celebrate the return of the fast-food giant’s popular McRib sandwich back to its menu. McDonald’s issued a limited number of NFTs as part of a virtual collectible art collection featuring the McRib to create excitement about the product’s temporary return and limited availability. The collection of 10 individual McRib NFTs was only available to those who retweeted the brand’s invitation.


Budweiser’s NFT collection consisted of 1936 unique digital designs of beer cans as digital assets.

NFT Budweiser

Budweiser’s NFT Collection on OpenSea.

Professional Sports

The NFL, NBA and Major League Baseball all have NFT marketplaces, where each league is sharing digital collectibles of their players.  The NFL and NBA use the Dapper Labs for their digital art markets.

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