Buying v. Minting an NFT

People often ask:  How do I buy an NFT? There are a few ways to buy an NFT.  In this blog post, we’ll look at the different options available to someone interested in buying an NFT.  We will also look at how the NFT minting process works.  We will also take a detailed look at how minting is done from start to finish, as we walk you through how to mint an Awk Monk NFT.  

To Mint or Not to Mint

The first and most exciting way to purchase an NFT is to mint one.  You can mint an Awk Monk right from our website.  During the minting phase, most NFT projects have their NFTs exclusively available at their website.  This happens during the minting or creating phase.  Once the mint is “fully minted” or sold-out, the only way to obtain an NFT from that particular NFT project is to purchase that NFT on a secondary market.   

Purchasing NFTs on an NFT Marketplace

Buying NFTs on NFT Marketplaces if fun.  There are thousands of NFTs to choose from, and most of them look interesting, if not cool.  For example, there is currently a verified listing for Awk Monks on the Solana NFT Marketplace DigitalEyes.  It gives you, the consumer, the chance to handpick your very own NFT without having to “mint” one and worry that you may get an NFT that you do not like.  However, this can be an expensive way of getting involved in the NFT Monkey business.  

These are two very different ways of buying a Monkey NFT.  Both ways of purchasing an NFT have benefits and detriments.

Minting an Awk Monk NFT

But what does it mean to “mint” or to create a Monkey NFT.  How much different is it than just buying one on OpenSea?  The differences between minting a Monkey NFT and purchasing one on an NFT marketplace are pretty interesting.  Let’s look at what happens when an individual clicks on the “Mint” button on an NFT Monkey Project.  First, as you can see from the screenshot below, from the Awkward Monkey’s official website, the NFT Project’s main website will have a “Mint” button somewhere highlighted on the main page.  

how to buy an nft

The Awk Monk’s website and the “Mint Now” Button.


Almost all NFT Project websites have a “button” to click for “minting” or for “creating” your own NFT.  Because each NFT is unique by its very nature, each minted NFT will have unique characteristics and attributes, even if that unique characteristic is simply a unique serial number, similar to a comic book.  The Awkward Monkey NFT Project is similar to all other Monkey NFT and NFT Monkey websites that are still in the “mint phase” of their NFT Monkey project.  There is only a “mint” button to press and the “minting” and “creating” process begins. Conversely, when purchasing an NFT on an NFT secondary marketplace, such as Digital Eyes, the consumer actually buys an already minted NFT Monkey.  Here is a screenshot from the Digital Eyes Awkward Monkey Collection.

Awkward Monkey's Verified Digital Eyes Listing

Awkward Monkey’s verified collection at Digital Eyes NFT Marketplace.


Random and Magical

When a NFT Monkey Art consumer mints an NFT Monkey from the Awkward Monkey’s website, the NFT Monkey the person receives will be 100% completely and totally RANDOM.  No one knows, not even the NFT Monkey Project itself, what characteristics and what type of Awkward Monkey the person will get when they go to mint their own Awkward Monkey NFT.  Of course, if you want to purchase a specific Awkward Monkey, and know the characteristics and traits that the consumer wants, or they just simply like a particular Monkey NFT, then purchasing the Monkey NFT directly from a marketplace such as Digital Eyes would be advantageous to the buyer.  

You cannot choose what types of attributes and characteristics are in your Awkward Monkey when minting on the Awk Monk’s website.  That’s part of the mystery and fun!  Minting is a random process where the characteristics are chosen by an algorithm.  It is random and there is some excitement involved.  When you buy an Awk Monk NFT you don’t know what the Awk Monk will look like until minted. 

NFTs: Unique and Spectacular

Each NFT is unique and one-of-a-kind. No other individual will ever have the exact combination of colors, characteristics, and other attributes unique to your newly created Monkey NFT.  For an example, one of the rare Awkward Monkey NFTs, the Genesis Monkey is one of 50 in existence.    Here below, we have Genesis Awkward Monkey #43.


Genesis Awkward Monkey

Genesis Awkward Monkey #43


Don’t Get High, But There’s A is Limited Supply

All NFTs have a limited supply.  The total supply of Monkey NFTs is limited.   The NFT Project sets the total supply.  For example, with respect to the Awkward Monkey NFTs there are only 8,888.  That it is.  Once the mint is completed, the only way to obtain an Awk Monk is on the NFT marketplaces.  If supply is limited and demand remains strong, then the price of any asset goes up.  We have seen over and over again on the secondary NFT Marketplaces is an increase in price. 

Continue to check out our blog for more helpful resources, and we at the Awk Monks Team hope this how buy an NFT post was helpful, and don’t forget to check The Ultimate NFT Monkey Guide.